When The Boss Is Away, Staff Play – How to Turn It Around

Building Culture = Profit and Productivity

Knowing that your staff are slacking off when you are out of the office not only affects your bottom line, but in how you interact with staff, now often not trusting them after being let down.

Here are my 5 tips to turn it around and have a productive and profitable business.

  1. Hand over tasks to others with better skills than you and employ new staff from this basis.
  2. Ask yourself if you are a great “employee” of the company? Would you sack yourself? Could you do things differently?
  3. Ask staff “what do they need?”, “how can you support them to do their job better?”. Give them self-empowerment. Not everyone will like this, and for those that don’t, let them “deselect” from the business.
  4. Own up to mistakes quickly and apologise. Put in place processes and changes that support everyone. It’s an opportunity to do things better, easier.
  5. As you grow in confidence, build a strong vision, direction and intention of where you’re taking everyone, staff included. That’s when the profitability will come, as an accidental outcome of really being in love with your business and the people who work in it with you.


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