80/20 – How To Use It

Everyone knows the principle but how do you really do it? How do you really make it happen for you?

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80-20 Rule

One of the challenges that people have is they OVERCOMPLICATE things. They get to this ridiculous stage of thinking these things that they SHOULD be doing because that’s what the PERCEPTION is; everyone SEEMS to be doing it. They FORGET to come back to the simple things that really work. And so you tend to focus on other things that are really not as productive, not as important.

But how do you really do what’s RIGHT just for YOU?

It’s pretty easy when you understand a few simple principles and how we go through this process. My mini course has 5 key foundational tools for business resurrection, to make it really SIMPLE for you to get your business really moving forward.

One of the most important things about the 80-20 rule is that it’s a representation of the NATURAL CYCLES of business. When you move away from what natural cycles are, and start getting distracted by things that you THINK are working, the reality is that you need to come back to what REALLY is working.

When you use the 80-20 rule, you start to FOCUS on things that really become EASY for you, and that’s why this principle really works. I also like to think about it as 1 in 5. What are the 5 things you could be doing and what’s the ONE thing that really works for you? If you just take that ONE thing and keep repeating THAT process, then the other things really become less important.

How can you spend 20% of your time for an 80% outcome?

Take one quick and simple example of networking – if you’re going to lots of networking events ask yourself “why am I here and what’s my purpose?”. If you understand that it’s to meet with like mind colleagues, that’s a REALLY different purpose than if you’re going to look for potential clients.

If you’re going to look for potential clients, you need to ask yourself, are my clients really HERE? Is this MY client base or is this more of a SOCIAL activity for me to just recharge and connect with people?

Understanding exactly WHAT your purpose is right from the start helps you to identify why you’re there.

How do you really make it happen? You combine The Rule of W and the questioning tool that we’ve talked about previously with the things that work for you, and just keep doing the things that WORK and are easy FOR YOU, just do MORE of that.

It seems really simple, doesn’t it? But we don’t really take the TIME, just a few minutes to really understand what that is.

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