About Millie

My commitment to you

If you feel stuck, overwhelmed, exhausted, and struggling with where you’re at in your business, your life, your relationships and your physical and mental health, I have a suite of tools and strategies that will help.

My intention and commitment is to support people just like you – business owners who have the ability to influence and or change the lives of many people.

I’ll help you align with your truest authentic self so you can finally achieve personal wellbeing, connected relationships, and money and business results that exceeds your greatest expectations.

About Millie Swann

I’m Millie Swann – Executive Business Change Strategist & Heart Based Leadership Mentor to CEOs, Executive Decision Makers and people who are specialists at what they do in business.

Over the past 25 years I have personally mentored and provided practical business and personal tools and strategies to business owners throughout Australia and the United States across diverse industries, guiding the growth of SME’s from $500K revenue right through to national programs with more than $100M in turnover and being key stake holders in billion dollar national programs.

Let me help you

If you’re truly stuck, over where you’re currently at and you’re a KEY decision maker and INFLUENCER in your field (or you want to become one), please contact me directly if you want everlasting change in your business and life. Email me here to discuss how we can support you.