Anti Client/Anti Person – Only Work With People Who Love To Pay You

You can choose to work with the best in every part of your life, your clients, your suppliers, and even in your personal life as well. So how do you work with the best?

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Anti-Client Process

I see people keep getting STUCK in the same cycles of attracting the WRONG people into their lives; the wrong clients, the wrong suppliers, and just the wrong people who are influencing them as well. Their major, major, major energy drain is these people, particularly clients who you know everything seems to go wrong with them ALL the time.

Often we attract things that we really don’t need and this comes from not really understanding that you must START with your outcome in mind. It switches things around IMMEDIATELY.

It’s how you can magically fasten the process of growing a business. It just happens so quickly; I can’t emphasize this more as one of the key parts of my five step foundation process for business resurrection.

We used The Rule of W earlier [need link to blog once uploaded], and it’s a great questioning tool. It’s something that you should fall back to all the time. It’s a great one for this Anti-Client process. If you missed The Rule of W video, sign up here to learn about it and three other key business tools.

Download and print your Anti-Client worksheet here.

I want you to write down every single thing that drives you mad or totally nuts about clients that you have, about people, set one for clients, one for your suppliers, and one for people in your personal life.

It takes a little bit of time, and it’s great to keep that piece of paper going for a day or so, every time something new comes into your head, add to that list. They may be late for meetings; they don’t keep their agreements about things. ALL sorts of things, big things and little things, make sure that you WRITE it on the list. It clears off all the exhausting, draining energy that you feel about this client, about all the people that are involved in the process.

Instead of just genuinely complaining out loud about somebody, you really get CLEAR about what it is that drives you mad. You can then start to see people like them and other people who may have similar traits. And when they are coming towards you, from this place, you’ll be able to consciously CHOOSE, not to actually either engage with them or to work with them.

You then go on and can write a clear list about what you really do want and using The Rule of W allows you to do this.

This process for my clients really works, and I want this for you too. These are tools that I’ve used in my own businesses and within so many other businesses I’ve consulted to in the past 15 years.

It’s incredibly powerful. It really does transform EVERYTHING; it is one of the key five steps. When we UNDERSTAND this process, then we can really move into GREAT client conversion. Because easy clients, fantastic clients, they come to you effortlessly, especially when you know who you DON’T want to work with.

I’d love you to sign up for my mini-course. Go through the first two steps because that will really help SET the foundation for understanding how this works really easy.


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