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Reflection time – POWERFUL for being productive – INSTEAD of being busy…. I challenge you to build it into your week … & see what the results bring

I’m just taking a few minutes at the end of my day and I’ve had a really great day.

Today is actually one of the days out where I only work a few hours with my clients and I actually “work on” my own business.

It’s a critical time for me,  I spend this each week and withdraw for a few hours.

I reflect about what’s going on with my life and business and I gain a deeper understanding where am I going myself & what direction I need to be moving towards.

I’ve come across a philosophy with my clients who are struggling with what I  call “CEO guilt” or “business owners’ guilt”.  This is the process where a lot of change in business is going and they spend a lot of time being “BUSY”.

They see time away from their business as NOT showing up and not being productive….. NOTHING could be further from the truth.

I show them how I  build into my calendar time away from my business each week and when they start to do this they realise themselves how massively powerful this is.

Withdrawing from the business at least once a week for a few hours  of being busy just MUST happen.

You will see that you will be much productive. It works for me & it WORKS for my Clients too.

They experience, like I do, how much more effective and how much more relaxed they become.  We all experience how much better our decisions are.

I challenge you;

  1. Book out some reflection time
  2. Understand what’s going on
  3. Celebrate what’s happening with your business
  4. Look to see how you can do things differently
  5. Your also able to resolve challenges from a clearer space.

This is Very powerful. It allows me to enjoy my life & see it more as an adventure.

Book it in!

I would love to hear your results & please connect with me here or on social media

Millie Swann – Executive Business Strategist & Heartbased Leadership & Mentor to Ceo’s, Business Executives & Business People who are specialists at what they do.


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