Keynote Speaking

Millie is a professional Trainer & Keynote Speaker. Her passionate practical, real life and enthusiastic style makes her an ideal keynote speaker for any business convention, decision making or executive training session. Millie really connects with attendees and gives them real, useable immediate tools to bring into their businesses and lives too.

Millie has presented all over Australia many times in the past 15 years and in the past run her own highly successful workshops.

Learn how to achieve outstanding outcomes with methods used by Millie’s private, one-to-one clients around the challenges they have for money, relationships and wellness.

Millie is available to present on the below topics. Millie can also tailor a presentation for your exact needs. Please get in contact to discuss your requirements with Millie.


  1. Why Do Some Leaders Seem to Make Everything They Touch Turn to Gold and Others Struggle to Make Ends Meet and Relationships Fail – what’s really going on when leaders repeat a build a boom and bust cycle.

Understand neural pathways in the brain and the effects of repeating cycles and patterns in your life that seem to make each disaster that turns up bigger and worse than the last time. Learn a tool that will help you on the path to breaking the cycles of destruction around money, relationships and wellness disasters.

  1. Knowing Your Self Well and Working with Your Strengths & Breaking Down Your Blocks – why do some leaders still “feel” like failures when outwardly they appear successful?

Self-awareness is the key to CEO’s, business owners and leadership management success, enabling staff and building an awesome internal culture in the modern-day workplace is paramount. Walk away with a one-page tool which will instantly transform your relationships with partners, suppliers, staff and most importantly, clients.

  1. Innovation in Managing a Business

Understand a critical process to managing and leading a modern-day business, where 1 year in business is the equivalent to 5 years in such a rapidly changing environment. Walk away with the action steps required to gain clarity around how to direct and drive your business and team, to creative, productive and profitable work environments.

  1. Take your Business & Life from Stuck and Stagnant to Successful and Thriving – key processes for leaders.

Money, wellness and relationship subconscious blocks are all critical factors to your business success. If you knew about these blocks, you would have already fixed them. Learn how you can identify and remove these underlying blocks and walk away with the action steps from a simple tool that can be applied to every aspect of your life to take your business from stuck and stagnant to successful and thriving.



August 2016 – October 2016 – Clearing Money and Business Blocks for Growth – How Subconscious Actions Are Killing Your Business and What You Can Do To Move Through Them – Presentations and Workshop Series.

May 2016 – Business Update Event – Private event with large Accountancy business JPR Business Group. Strategy + Implementation = Business Success.

May 2016 – Business Market Place – How to Grow and Successfully Run an International Consulting Business.

November 2015 – April 2016 Business Workshops (bi-monthly) @ Rendezvous Melbourne – Business Problem Solving, Building Key JV Relationships, Stakeholder Management, Resolving Relationship and Partners’ Challenges, Client Enrolment.

November 2015 – April 2016 Business Workshops (bi-monthly) @ Rendezvous Melbourne – Business Problem Solving, Building Key JV Relationships, Stakeholder Management, Resolving Relationship and Partners’ Challenges, Client Enrolment.

July 2015 – December 2015 – Business Strategy 90-minute Series – Getting the Outcomes and Clearing the Blocks That Keep You Stuck in Your Business. Stagnation to Thriving series.

August 2015 – Klass Events – Metamorphosis – Women’s Transformation Business Event – 3 Key Steps to Moving from Personal Crisis Towards Success in Business and Life.

May 2015 – Business Book Launch – The Mindfulness and the Power of Taking One Clear Step Within Business. Left Bank Melbourne.

November 2014 – Business Problem Solving Process – The Missing Questions (Business workshop series with Bruce Doyle – International Business Coach at Unlimited Business Growth and past founder of Action Coaching).

National Local Government Managers Association Annual Conference – Business Strategies to engage with State and Federal Governments to access high level funding and stakeholder relationship developments.

Chamber of Commerce in Western Australia – CEO (12-month contract) Business Strategies for membership growth and how to add value to clients. Included a monthly series of topics (workshops and presentations).

WA Rural Youth Leadership – (3-year contract) Business Process and Developing Key Leadership Skills for executive board members. Attracting the Right Skills for Leadership to Grow Executive Boards (quarterly presentations on key topics related to leadership development).

Home based businesses, transition growth businesses, change processes on sustainability and growth topics followed by workshops and several keynotes (3-year contract) included to business based professional and community groups in WA. Contracted through Austudy and Australian Tax Office.

Numerous commentary on ABC Radio WA plus Curtin Radio.