It’s All About You – Money, Business & Life can be EASY Introduction Chapter

WARNING:  This is a resource ACTION taking book on HOW to start to break unconscious energetic patterns that keep showing up and keep you stuck.  Taking no action after you have read this book will result in more drama and more disaster…. Look at your current successes…. That’s been an outcome of your past actions… OWN IT (or don’t at your peril) … this book shows you HOW to do something different to get a different level of success.

It really IS ALL ABOUT YOU …. It’s your responsibility to consider a different process to, experience a different way of being.

Do you ever get the sense that you’re seeing the same cycle keep turning up in your business and life? You know the story… you crash and burn, go away for a while lick your wounds… recover, build and grow but then CRASH and burn all over again.

Sometimes you get some success on things like your business, but your wellness or relationships have gone to the dogs! There is no consistency and you feel like you’re swimming upstream all the time.  It’s bloody exhausting isn’t it.

What’s even worse is that every time you do it, you can see it happening again. Only this time it’s bigger and worse than last time.

Some months’ the cash flow is great but the clients are awful. Or it can the other way around, great clients but not enough income to keep your head above water. Add to that a huge wages bill to pay and your “life” partner is losing the plot! You never seem to get a break from the drama of it all.

You don’t have to be in business to see these cycles either. Similar situations are also in your personal life too. It’s the same… just a different location.

I am sure you know this story.

Money and relationships problems are some of the most emotionally challenging issues you will deal with on a daily basis, both in your business and personal life.

I see it all the time in my new clients, they have huge unconscious money and relationship blocks that are holding them back. These problems can either be in their business, personal life, and more commonly, both. They try everything under the sun but things just seem to get worse over the years, not better. They know something is wrong, but they just can’t seem to put their finger on it; they can’t make permanent lasting changes that they need to turn their business and life around. Relationship problems can be between business partners, staff, life partners and children. Problems with money and relationships can be devastating for everyone involved.

You can see on the diagram above, Build, Boom, Bust, and Blow Up (the 4 B’s) the typical cycles that are experienced by my clients. I have experienced these in the past too. Feelings of massive overwhelm, taking no or limited action, feeling emotionally out of control, mass confusion and being physically exhausted are some of the real experiences that people have as they go through this 4 B’s cycle.  The outcome is a chronic inability to make decisions, drive their business and life generally in any forward direction that isn’t based in having big highs and massive lows…. it feels like everything is out of control.

Mix it up with this constant “trying” to fix things but it’s only getting progressively worse or you see some light at the end of the tunnel and then some “disaster” seems to show up and it’s all goes to crap again.

Bad stuff happens to all of us at some point, mix it up with the filters we have imposed on us as children and what really starts to show up as I work with people is that we have unseen energetic and generational blocks that hold us back. These have the ability to play merry hell with us.

In the past, I’ve experienced all of these things and then some, I have been in business for more than 25 years. I got really sick to death of this happening … so 15 years ago I started to do something really real about it. I started to break these cycles. I started to understand what was really going on, and I started to use the energetic change skills I was born with and let them come into another level of usefulness. I started to use frameworks that I was given from many mentors who “found me” and I gained control of my money and relationships and I now feel very blessed to live the life that I do…but it’s certainly not without a lot of persistence and daily small steps that work! That’s what I want for you too.

One thing for sure, it is still your ability to pick yourself up and start again that is one of the keys to success. Resilience is everything but underlying issues still cause challenges. When you’re really over the drama and you want a different experience then this is the point you are ready for something more …. Something better.

One really big clue or sign that you are ready for something better is that you’re constantly feeling lots of confusion, frustration or even anger.  This presents often as massive overwhelm.  This is when you start looking outwardly for different ways of dealing with things.  Sometimes the choices you make at this point can be set you up for an even bigger drama or disaster.  Stress and anxiety associated with this can be so damaging that it also affects your physical health.

What I want for you to experience, is to know that you CAN change things permanently and set your life up for the foundations to support you. I’ve done it and so have many of my clients.

It is a conscious choice about what your next move is and this book is designed to help give you a deep respect for where you’re at and how you can move forward in a way that does NOT create a bigger mess.

This book sets you on the path to a sense of deep peace with who you really are and then toward success and what that looks like for you.  Success is different for everyone ….

This is a resource book. It is the first step to the most basic fast track tools that will help you quickly.

The resources throughout the book and links to videos and audios have helped thousands of people, just like you to get to where they are today.  It will be up to you to follow through and take actionit’s in the reflection and the steps I give you and then taking action that the real magic happens.

There is one BIG truth…. There is only so much “Personal Development” work that will shift these blocks away. Understanding that what is really stopping you is based in a block that is unconscious and comes from a place of generation issues, experiences or tragic circumstances that keeps being passed through the generations. 

Let’s face it … if you already knew what the problem was you would have fixed it right?

There is a universal truth underlying all this …. Sometimes you need others to help you shift the hard-chunky bits away… I know I did many years ago.  There is still a lot you can do to help yourself first.  Doing things on your own is slow and challenging.  The energy of the world is moving towards working collectively and from a place of giving.  Switch this process on and your life starts to massively move in your desired direction.

Being in business and being in a personal romantic relationship is the biggest “personal development self-experiment” you will ever have.  if you can manage to stay on the windy twisty path you will eventually achieve a level of success. How you define this success is such a private and personal process.  The resources here are the main ones that drive high level results… miss one of them out and it’s like walking around with only one leg… you can do it but it’s hard.

This resource book will move you AWAY from “Personal Development” and towards personal steps that become a process of ease… It’s NOT about doing more … its actually about doing different things and less of the MORE….


If, however, you’re wanting to start taking action but you’re not sure of the steps then this resource is EXACTLY what you need.

Firstly, making any kind of quality decision when you’re in massive overwhelm, highly stressed and constantly anxious is virtually impossible.  Putting key strategies in place to help you start making decisions is a big shift in its own right.   There are lots of different ways to get your stress under control and this book will give you super quick resources on how to do this effortlessly in every situation.  Asking for professional help is sometimes needed too but there are lots of simple things you can do yourself.

Really amazing success comes from the ability of individuals being able to overcome or shift away these blocks to become self actualised and aligned with who they are at their deepest core.  There is more than one way to do this.  I have a way that works and is repeatable for my clients… for more than 15 years now.

I feel very privileged (although many years ago I thought it was a curse) that I have the unique and rare skills to help identify and shift energetic blocks and work with underlying subconscious blocks that keep people stuck.

This includes generational family blocks too, so that individuals who really want to can absolutely soar in their complete successfulness. Doing this work not only makes shifts in you but also you those directly close to you… it’s very powerful stuff.

Business people are awesome. I love and choose to work with them.  I’ve come to the conclusion that they (and myself too) must either be a bit crazy or the most resilient people I know. I love watching them break the cycles and smash through barriers that have been holding them back, often for many years.  They are doing the work, I am just holding the door of opportunity open and being a support base to facilitate the change.

These next chapters will take all the pressure off you and start to address the constant “trying” to fix things. I will show you how to start to break the cycles of “Build, Boom, Bust and Blow up”.  We can then start you on the strategy path process that will get you moving forward quickly.

This book is all about the Ahhhaaa moments (I call this reflective understandings) in your life combined with the “HOW” to do it easily, “how” to break the cycles and shift away old filters to get everything you want. This is the first real step towards your success.


In a Nutshell

  1. Build, Boom, Bust and Blow up is NOT required in your life any more when you really want to experience something different
  2. The same cycles keep showing up and getting worse each time and your awareness about this is the first step to a new way of being with money and relationships
  3. Unconscious energetic blocks from family patterning and past generational family traumas are part of the key to why you feel that success seems one tiny step out of your reach. Look forward to the end of self-sabotage
  4. Stress and Anxiety are massive blockers to quality decision making and getting control of your inner self. It is critical so that you can allow a simple new way of being to come into existence
  5. Resilience and a strong ability to keep taking small actions is critical to your long-term success – respecting some days are good, some are just going to test your resolve to keep going, every day is a fresh start at it. A little disclaimer; sometimes taking NO ACTION is a winner too, but that skill comes from a place of being patient, understanding timing and deep clarity about what’s really going on.
  6. There are things you can do to change things around and this resource book will set you on that path and YOU DESERVE TO HAVE AN EASY AWSEOME LIFE and BUSINESS – but it must start with you being really fed up with the way things are at this current point in time.
  7. YES, I DO REPEAT MYSELF …for very good reasons – Let’s face it, if you already knew about these patterns you would have already removed them and you currently experience your life as being on the receiving end of their influence.
  8. YES, I DO REPEAT MYSELF…. WARNING: This is a resource ACTION taking book on HOW to start to break unconscious energetic patterns and blocks that keep showing up and keep you stuck in awful soul destroying cycles.  Taking no action after you have read this book will result in more drama and more disaster…. Look at your current successes…. That’s been an outcome of your past actions… OWN IT, OR you continue to blame someone else for this “version of successes” you’re NOT having at your own peril … this book shows you HOW to do something different to get a different level of success.


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