Who are the 5 people you want to work with – do you know…& who will you become.

Hello everyone,

I just got back from a great business breakfast where one of my client was doing a business presentation.

It was really exciting to see how fast she’s come so quickly and as a leader and a mentor of the people it’s really powerful to see my client in action and really go this next step.  It’s true to  say that I’m not where I am because I didn’t have great mentors and leaders that have come before me, and I really wonder where I would be without them today.

My successes and also the successes of my clients don’t come from hard work but by just taking the right action steps in the right order. I feel that I work less & less these days and I often hear this from the people I work with as well. I feel that things are easy. Business & life can really be like that. You just have to take different steps.

Today I want you to consider this.  One of the really important things I do for myself is to I look who is around me.  ASK YOURSELF ….

  1. Who are the people that I’m asking questions of & do they really know their stuff or is it JUST OPINION?
  2. Who are the people who are wanting to help me go where I need to go?
  3. Who are the people who are opening doors for me?
  4. Who are those top 5 people& can I give to them too?
  5. Who do I want to become… & will these metors be the ones to show me how ?

My mentors change… sometimes daily & are often from the most amazing sources…. I am aware I need different sources for different areas of my business & life.

Sometimes I need people for some things, Sometimes they would just appear just on the right time.

But I’m really conscious of who are the people I want to be around with.

And I do make it a daily choice, & I know my top people & I am fully thankful for them & what they bring & I what I give to them too.


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