Private mentoring for success

Do the same old old cycles of financial and relationship problems keep affecting your business and personal life? Do things keep getting worse, more complex and messier? Do you build, plateau and then burn and crash in repeated cycles? Are you constantly feeling pressured and making reactive decisions which are getting you in more of a mess with clients and staff? Do you feel like you’re drowning in drama and disaster?

Millie has a deep understanding and practical knowledge of WHAT motivates business owners and executive decision makers in business and what is STOPPING them from getting the success they want.

Millie helps to SOLVE PROBLEMS quickly, by seeing and understanding the blocked areas and often disillusionments leaders are experiencing with their business and life.

Millie uses PROVEN TOOLS that REALLY work for business owners, leaders, managers and staff looking for results.

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Do you feel like you have no control over what’s going on around you? You’re constantly oversensitive to both big and small issues. Are problems with money and relationships getting out of hand?

Do you feel like you have no idea on what’s really going on in your business? Are you bleeding cash? Do staff never seem to stay for long? Are they disruptive? Are your existing clients exhausting and never satisfied?

Are you still trying to get things to work for you? Does everything feel hard and as if you’re fighting an uphill battle with every part of your money, relationships, business and life? Do you feel like you’re not able to influence your business relationships with your clients, potential clients, business partners or staff? Do you feel that no one is listening to what you’re saying and nothing is getting done on time or the way you need it to be?

Gain the support, expertise and guidance you need to transform the performance of your business.

Clever and successful leaders recognise it doesn’t have to be this way.

They have been given an understanding of the tools and leadership principles we all need to optimise our business performance, relationships and wellness and Millie has been able to work with these clients to remove the blocks that keep them stuck.

Your challenges might be more specific.

There is nothing worse than implementing lead generation strategies (that you’d expect to dramatically increase sales) only to find out that these opportunities aren’t actually converting – and can even be costing your business extra money. There is a way to NOT sell and enrol clients to share your business skills with people.

Or how about expanding your business with the hopes of bringing in more clients, only to realise that your business structure is now overly complex and operating more inefficiently than before? Growth can be hard but it can be a seamless process with the right steps in place.

Or, are you finding it hard to dominate your business industry, knowing that you have a superior product that should be performing at the top of the market but something is always stopping you and you can’t seem to get to the bottom of it?

With more than 25 years of experience as an Executive Business Change Strategist, Change Manager, Practicing Sociologist, Entrepreneur and Investor in both human and asset capital, Millie has a deep understanding and practical working knowledge of a spread of industries including:

  • Industrial service providers
  • Manufacturers
  • Accountants
  • Financial planning
  • Property development
  • Real estates, hotels
  • Hospitality and wholesale suppliers
  • Professional service based industries
  • Innovative project management
  • Niche training programs

Millie works with the executives and owners of:

  • Experienced businesses with over $2 million turnover in all industries
  • First-tier executive boards delivering over $100 million asset building projects who have challenges in effective project delivery
  • Small to medium-sized enterprises that have been in business more than 2 years and are ready to grow
  • Non-profit professional business organisations with more than $10 Million asset-based programs

Millie has already helped many individuals succeed on more levels than they could ever imagine, taking their business or organisation above and beyond their stated goals.

She is ready to offer you the same level of support and transformation.

Please call our office in Collins Street on 03 9097 1606 or contact us.


Business review assessments & restructures

Get back on track to the vision of your business you always had hoped for

A powerful mechanism for receiving a clear picture of the potential and problems within your business to gain the clarity you need about what’s really going on.

The Business Review Assessment is a highly effective opportunity for you to bring all of Millie’s knowledge and experience into your business; to find real solution to your unique business challenges so that you and your team can move forward with greater success.

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Is your business seemingly ‘doing everything right’ but is still converting clients poorly and missing out on opportunities?

Do you have product strategies already in place that aren’t effective enough to dominate your market?

Or are you having troubles maintaining good staff and partner relationships?

Often our clients know their business is facing a problem, but just can’t put their finger on it, something is missing and it’s deeply affecting the bottom line.

You may be bleeding money in certain areas but at the same time you feel totally overwhelmed as to the right step forward.

The fact is, most businesses are massively underperforming (some don’t even realise it!) and facing many challenging issues whether it be cash flow, product strategies, business relationships or the overall business culture.

It’s often the CEO or owner who is feeling completely lost and stuck about how to even keep going on a day to day basis as everywhere they turn feels like a road block or massive overreaction to what is really going on.

Most importantly, you know your business can perform much better and you can find a sense of enjoyment and personal pleasure and satisfaction in the business.

A Business Review Assessment can provide you with the specific framework and tools you need to make it happen. It will also give business owners a direct understanding of how they are affecting the outcomes for their business.

Please call our office in Collins Street on 03 9097 1606 or contact us.


Keynote speaking

Millie is a professional keynote speaker. Her passionate practical, real life and enthusiastic style makes her an ideal keynote speaker for any business convention, decision making or executive training session. Millie really connects with attendees and gives them real, usable immediate tools to bring into their businesses and lives too.

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Millie has presented all over Australia many times in the past 15 years and in the past has run her own highly successful workshops.

Learn how to achieve outstanding outcomes with methods used by my private, one-to-one clients around the challenges they have for money, relationships and wellness.

Millie provides inspirational keynote speeches on the following subject matters:

  • Identifying money and relationship blocks and how grief and personal challenges deeply affect your bottom line.
  • Resurrecting and growing great businesses so that they are totally aligned with your personal style.
  • Leadership and getting outcomes from challenging situations where everybody wins.
  • Heart Based Client Enrolment Strategy – HOW TO, in the real world, NOT SELL but win the client that you love working with.

Please call our office in Collins Street on 03 9097 1606 or contact us.



Access live trainings and super quick tools and video content that Millie’s OTO private clients’ use to get the structure and outcomes in their business and personal lives.

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